We are Harry’s Hydrocephalus Awareness Trust (Harry’s HAT)

A user-led charity, which aims to make life better for children with hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and the families who love and care for them.



Every year 1 in 770 babies will be diagnosed with hydrocephalus, yet there is little awareness of the condition and its impact. We are working to change this through targeted awareness raising.


We direct families affected by hydrocephalus to organisations that can offer help.  We also provide peer-to-peer support, so families feel less alone and can meet others from within their community who are going through the same.


Through our ‘Get-A-Head’ campaign, we speak up for better awareness of infant head circumference measurement as a tool for early diagnosis of hydrocephalus.

Research and Training

We support research and fund training. This improves understanding of the condition and its management amongst front-line health care professionals, which improves patient care.

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